Buy & Burn Strategy

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the music industry, RECORDIAN has established itself as a revolutionary force, and its forward-thinking strategies are set to drive significant value appreciation for the $RECORD token. One of the standout initiatives that distinguishes RECORDIAN is its groundbreaking Mega Buy & Burn program, which encompasses various revenue streams, fostering token scarcity and boosting its value.

10% Ad Studio Revenue:

The potential of the Ad Studio revenue is monumental, with parallels drawn from the likes of Spotify, which amassed $1.4 billion and $1.6 billion in ad revenue for 2021 and 2022, respectively. Even capturing 1% of Spotify's 2021 ad revenue would equate to $14 million. By dedicating 10% of this ad revenue to buy and burn $RECORD tokens, a significant amount of tokens will be acquired and taken out of circulation.

10% Premium Subscription Revenue:

Another critical contributor is 10% of all premium subscription revenue. A subscriber base of 250,000 individuals paying $8.99 per month (totalling $2.2475 million per year), the buy and burn mechanism will contribute $224,750 to further enhance the token's value. Furthermore, As the number of subscribers grows, so does the contribution to token buybacks and burns.

100% NFT Marketplace Fees:

The entire fees generated from the NFT Marketplace are allocated towards the buy and burn of the $RECORD token. As the NFT marketplace gains momentum through artist onboarding and celebrity artist NFT exclusives, these fees will play a substantial role in boosting token value.

10% MIC & Headphone NFT Fees:

The incentivized adoption of RECORDIAN's MIC and Headphone NFTs by artists and listeners plays a key role in value appreciation. For every 100,000 sold MIC NFTs at $30 each, $300,000 worth of $RECORD tokens will be burned. Similarly, for every 100,000 sold Headphone NFTs at $20 each, $200,000 worth of $RECORD tokens will be taken out of circulation.

The significance of this strategy is illuminated through a practical lens. Taking inspiration from Spotify's ad revenue, even capturing a fraction of its earnings results in substantial token purchases for burning, enhancing token scarcity and value. Moreover, with the influx of premium subscribers and marketplace activity, the Mega Buy & Burn program capitalizes on multiple revenue channels, reinforcing the token's upward trajectory.

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