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RECORDIAN is a decentralized music ecosystem that empowers artists, supporters, and industry players. Our platform utilizes the RECORDIAN Music Streaming APP, NFT Marketplace, and Ad Studio, all powered by the $RECORD token, to provide a unique and rewarding experience for all participants.

RECORDIAN is committed to solving the challenges faced by artists and fans within the music industry by leveraging the power of blockchain.

Unveiling the Challenges in the Music Industry

In the ever-evolving music industry, artists and fans face numerous challenges that demand our attention. Artists grapple with the complexities of fair compensation, lack of revenue transparency, limited content control, and reliance on third-party intermediaries. Meanwhile, fans navigate the high costs, limited access to exclusive content, and the loss of a deeper connection with artists that once thrived in the pre-digital era.

In 2021, the global Music Industry recorded an impressive increase of 18.5% in sales from the year before, reaching a total of $25.9 billion. The data showed that the growth was driven by online streaming. The number of subscribers rose from 443 million in 2020 to 523 million that year.

In March 2022, data showed that streaming accounted for 65% of all music revenues. However, the revenue distribution model remains a cause for concern. Artists often receive minimal compensation for their artistry, as a significant portion of streaming revenues goes to major labels and intermediaries.

The lack of transparency and fair compensation undermines the long-term sustainability of artists' careers, making it challenging for artists to gauge the impact of their work and make informed business decisions.

Concerning artists pay outs from streaming royalties the Soundcharts team 2019 stated “We’ve calculated the weighted average payout rate, taking into account the proprietary sample as well as the quotes provided by Digital Music News and The Trichordist. The complete table can be found below, but here’s a TL;DR summary for what we’ve got:

Spotify paid the artists $0,0032 per stream

Apple Music got the average rate of $0,0056

Google Play Music landed a $0,0055 payout rate

Deezer fell slightly lower at $0.00436

This quote was observed before Deezer introduced its user-centric payment system”

“For any artist out there, the per-stream rate will be in constant flux — simply because there are hundreds of factors affecting the overall revenue. The payout rate depends on who, where and how much streams your music — which is precisely the reason for inconsistency between the quotes you can find around the web.”

The reliance on third-party intermediaries for artists to upload their music onto streaming platforms also poses significant challenges and limitations within the music industry. This has resulted in further loss of content control, as artists cannot create their artist profiles and directly upload their music, edit, or even take down content at will. Moreover, these intermediaries often introduce complexities, delays, and additional costs that hinder artists' ability to reach their audiences effectively.

We believe it is our collective responsibility as music enthusiasts, industry professionals, and technology innovators to advocate for transparency and equitable practices in the music ecosystem. By doing so, we can build a future where artists are valued, creativity thrives, and the beauty of music enriches our lives.

Empowering Artists: How RECORDIAN Revolutionizes the Music Industry

These challenges highlighted prior present the pressing need for solutions, and RECORDIAN is the transformative force addressing these challenges, revolutionizing the music industry.

To empower artists and foster a more equitable industry, it is crucial to explore innovative solutions that eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and allow artists to retain greater control over their music and its monetization.

RECORDIAN has established a revenue distribution model that prioritizes transparency. Leveraging immutable smart contracts, the platform ensures seamless distribution of royalty payments to artists upon claiming, thereby guaranteeing timely compensation for their valuable work, eliminating fluctuations in stream pay-outs, and the necessity for intermediaries that often diminish artists' revenue share. This democratization of revenue distribution allows emerging artists to receive equitable compensation, regardless of their popularity or label affiliation.

Our music streaming platform allows artists to create personalized profiles and upload their music directly onto our music streaming app, bypassing the traditional gatekeepers and intermediaries that often limit their artistic expression and revenue potential. By providing this direct access, we enable artists to maintain complete control over their music, its distribution, and the revenues it generates.

Utilizing the artist portal, RECORDIAN provides artist analytics and insights into their audience, demographics, earnings, and streaming performance. Artists can access reports, empowering them to make data-driven decisions, target their marketing efforts effectively, and connect with their fan base on a deeper level. This transparency enables artists to understand their audience's preferences, explore new creative avenues, and refine their artistic strategies.

Furthermore, by incorporating the listen2earn feature on the music streaming platform, RECORDIAN empowers fans to become active participants in supporting artists. In turn, listeners are incentivized to engage with the music they love, boosting artists' exposure and revenue. This creates a win-win situation where fans not only enjoy their favorite music but also can earn unique rewards and directly contribute to the success of their favorite artists.

RECORDIAN’s NFT Marketplace allows artists to create and sell Music NFTs. Music NFTs are a game-changer for artists, offering a new era of opportunities and empowerment. These non-fungible tokens allow artists to create unique digital assets that represent ownership and authenticity. Music NFTs enable artists to retain greater control over their intellectual property and monetization of such. With music NFTs, artists can once again offer exclusive, limited-edition releases, collectibles, and one-of-a-kind experiences directly to their fans fostering a deeper connection with their fans.

The RECORDIAN Ad Studio provides artists and brands with a powerful tool for increasing awareness of their music, and products. With this user-friendly and cost-effective platform, artists can run targeted advertising campaigns directly on the music streaming app, boosting their visibility, engagement, and revenue.

In our relentless pursuit of revolutionizing the music industry, RECORDIAN stands unwaveringly committed to constructing the ultimate decentralized music ecosystem, a haven for artists, supporters, and industry pioneers alike. Fuelled by a passion for music and a resolute vision, we strive to pave the way for a brighter and more empowering future, where artists can thrive and create without barriers.

“The Future of Music is RECORDIAN”

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